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Being fat isn’t healthy and I wish people would stop trying to justify being overweight by saying that they’re just as healthy as thin people.

Being thin doesn’t automatically make you healthy, but you don’t see a whole fuck of a lot of healthy people who exercise often, eat a balanced diet in reasonable proportions, and are massively overweight. If you want to be massively overweight (I’m talking a BMI of 30 or above) and you’re happy eating whatever you want to eat, and what you want to eat is salt and sugar, cool. Whatever. Some fat people are sexy, some thin people are ugly, nobody gets to talk shit about your body or your lifestyle but you.

But don’t justify it by saying that you’re living a healthy life.

A while back I saw a post justifying McDonalds as a healthy thing to eat. Come on, guys. Being thin and/or healthy takes work. Getting out of bed and going for a run takes work. Denying yourself that donut, McDonalds, fettuccine alfredo… it’s a choice.

I work hard for my body. I earn it. You want to feel good about yours the way it is, without working hard or earning it? Cool. But a healthy human body is not an obese body.

Wow, what a complete piece of shit. Keep your nose out of other people’s lives and dietary habits mkay? If someone wants to eat McDonalds and be overweight, that’s their prerogative. Nobody gives a fuck that you “earn your body!” especially when you’re a judgmental bag of dicks. 

Dude, he is literally just saying that you can’t justify being morbidly obese with the fact that you’re still as healthy as regular weight people. And it’s true. I’m all for body positivity, but when you’re lying to yourself about your health, then that’s when to review your lifestyle. Calm the frick down.


I don’t like Europe. I’ve been all over Europe, I’ve seen many of the historical landmarks, and I have to say the whole continent is not as great as it seems. The sights are amazing, but they account for 10% of the trip. The other 90% of the time, you’re in an overpopulated, crowded city with terrible drivers and rude people. The only countries I like are the UK, Portugal and the Scandinavian countries. The other countries either dirty, crowded, full of selfish pricks, or all of the above. The ones that fall into ‘all the above’ are France, Italy and Bulgaria. I actually prefer Brazil to Italy. At least the people are nicer there, even if the crime rate is astronomical.


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